Monday, April 19, 2010

Grazie... nonna (1975)(No Subs)

Watch.. Click link below

Have you ever wanted to see a male teenager lose his virginity to his grandmother? Well, here's your chance. Of course, it should be said the "grandmother" in this film is a twenty-something Venezuelan hot tamale played by the famous French/Algerian hot tamale of 70's Italian exploitation film, Edwige Fenech. She marries the main character's elderly grandfather who, not surprisingly, dies on his wedding night, and after his death she comes to live with her new in-laws. Of course, she immediately arouses the lust of both her "grandsons", her "son", and even the local priest.


  1. Any chance getting a new link on this movie?

  2. A good few of my movie files were removed, I will get around to re upping soon..


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