Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daisy Diamond (2007)(Subs Eng)

Watch Daisy Diamond at your own risk, This is a gritty no punches pulled movie.
It starts out with the making of a porn movie by the lead actress in which she is raped, things go down hill for her from there.. 

Watch.. Click link below

There has been a lot of movies based on a girl who escapes home to become an actress and ends up in a desperate situation. Most of them are in a social mood of giving young girls and the families a lesson. However, this film is not something a young girl could watch. The sex scenes are exaggerated too much and the depression level of the film is too high. You can find almost everything in this 'drama' that you can find in a pornographic movie. And you can even learn new sexual terms.


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    Daisy Diamond (2007) Is well worth a look..

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