Friday, April 9, 2010

Hoffman and Sons (1976 Special)

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Mr Hoffman sells books and provides his female customers with nice moments in a room at the back of the shop. The number of female customers grows very rapidly and when Mr Hoffman isn t up th the demand, he calls in his two oldest sons who keep the shop going. Unfortunately his youngest son is only interested in reading. One day, as he delivers books to one of the customers, the lady teaches him about the pleasures of sex. In order to celebrate this, the father organises a party and all is well that ends well!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Godson (1971)

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Not too bad for an adult mafia movie but then not all that good either.

Uschi Digard makes a brief appearance as well as Deborah McGuire (one of Richard Pryor's ex-wives who also appeared in the Russ Meyer movie SUPERVIXENS).

The acting is passable at best and the story and plot buy into every single mafia cliché that ever existed.
Practically all the main characters, mafia scum for the most part, wind up dead by the end of the film but the audience wishes they had died long before the end of this movie.
No new ground is broken here as far as adult mafia movies are concerned.

Máncora (2008)(Subs Eng)

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An adventure drama that tells the story of Santiago, a 22-year old from Lima. Following his father's suicide, haunted by his inner daemons and hatred for the world in general, Santiago decides to escape the crude Lima winter to take refuge in Mancora, a beach to the north of Peru where it is always summer. Upon his departure, Santiago receives the unexpected visit from his stepsister, Ximena, a young and beautiful photographer in her late twenties, accompanied by her husband Inigo, a young surgeon from Spain. The three take off on a journey escaping reality and in search of themselves.

La petite Lili (2003)(Subs Eng)

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Claude Miller's "La Petite Lili". This movie is a naturalist drama, where you can only watch "actors playing their parts", and who speak by "mots d'auteurs", trying to reach by them a certain "psychological truth". Furthermore, there're indeed an impression of constant semi-failure in all the scene of the movie, even in the one where a character says so. And, once again, it is not because all this is underlines by the movie itself that it's not true.

Beautiful (2009)

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Despite a few comparisons to 'American beauty' and Blue velvet' this film is definitely not in the same league as those is however a well constructed thriller from first time director Dean O'Flaherty.'Beautiful' shows us the secrets that hide behind what appears to be a normal suburban town in Adelaide and how the main character is determined to find the truth no matter how dark things might really

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cathy, fille soumise (1977)

Cathy, fille soumise (1977)
Brigitte Lahaie Movie AKA Cathy, Submissive Girl

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Brigitte Lahaie stars as Cathy a former prostitute who has come to a little village in Provence. She falls in love with a young farmer, Simon. Her former pimp, Tony, finds her and forces her to work again for him. Cathy tells the truth to Simon who frightens Tony with the help of others villagers. As the couple celebrate the end of Cathy's nightmare, Tony gets killed in a car crash.

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Ridicule (1996)(Subs Eng)

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In the periwigged and opulent France of Louis XVI, an unwitting nobleman soon discovers that survival at court demands both a razor wit and an acid tongue. I must say that I wish I could speak better French, simply because this film has such a great sense of humor, it would only intensify the hilarity of the picture. The story was not perhaps the most original, then again, what is? This film had heart and a flow about it that was very interesting and pleasing to the eye and soul

What Alice Found (2003)

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A poor young woman is recruited by a friendly couple traveling in an RV into becoming part of the dark world of truck stop prostitution. Surprisingly, the storyline comes forward and is played through the screen in a way that I feel most would relate to. I scored this movie at 7 but like most would, felt it should be a 10.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yo Yo Sexy Girl Cop (2006)(Subs Eng)

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In the opening scene of this movie, a Japanese "schoolgirl" is walking alone on the subway and is snatched by a pervert(dressed in lederhosen for some reason). He takes her back to his hideout where he has several more high school girls tied up. This new arrival turns out to be an undercover cop, however, and she dispatches the pervert with her two weapons--her yo-yo and her see-through panties. As usual in Japanese exploitation films, the males at the school are all clueless dorks and/or incorrigible lechers, and both the female "teachers" and the "students" are all played by twenty-year-old girls with perfect bodies (not that I have anything against twenty-year-old Japanese girls with perfect bodies).

Josefine Mutzenbacher 2 (1976 Special)

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For those of you who actually enjoy real honest-to-God production values in your porn films, this film, Professional Janine, as I know it, is for you.

Taking place in Franco-Prussian Europe in the 1870s or 1880s, this 100 minute film was shot in 35mm and features absolutely gorgeous scenic landscapes, and farm locations. It also utilizes stylish cinematography, authentic period costumes and a light, humorously translated screenplay.

As for the sex, it's fun as fun can be! Whether it's the scene with the fat lady with the German Oom-pa band playing behind her, or the wager that one officer can't have his way with three ladies, one after the other, on horseback over three kilometers, while downing three pints of vodka in three hours, the film celebrates a pre-AIDS world sex for the pure old fashioned enjoyment of it. And you've got to love that!.. Satguy really likes this one..

Suspicious River (2000)

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Leila Murray is a young, married receptionist at a small town motel who is selling her body, secretly to buy something she desperately needs but dreads being given. One October night she meets a man named Gary Jensen, a dark soulmate who leads Leila into deeper water where the past lives and the future dies

A Hole in My Heart (2004)(Subs Eng)

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In a decript apartment, a young man watches as his father and a friend shoot an amateur porn film. Issues of morality, reality TV and friendship are explored.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tout Pour Le Plaisir (1976 Special)

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The misadventures of three women in the same apartment block. After being disappointed with a boyfriend who wants her to whip him and having a lesbian fling with a schoolfriend (XNK0881), Joëlle finally manages to lose her viriginity with her teacher, Hector, but they are discovered by her father and she is kicked out of the apartment.

Martine is dissatisfied with her husband and seeks pleasure elsewhere, for example with her friend (Dolorès Manta and her husband). Martine's husband finally leaves her.

Arlène has various misadventures with men and comes to feel they are only after her money. After being robbed of everything including her clothes by Guy Royer, she is admitted to her apartment by the caretaker who confesses his love for her. But he leaves in disgust when she offers him money.

All three end up sitting on the stairs and get invited into the fourth apartment by Martine's friend who turns out to be a hostess for group sex parties. They go in and take part in a bored fashion.

Levottomat 1 (2000)(Subs Eng)

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This film didn't give easy answers, didn't perform unnecessary underlining and is very voyeuristic in depicting nudity. Levottomat (Restless) is quite an existential film, meaning it in the tradition of Sartre and Camus, and has definitely been influenced by Camus' L'Etranger's main character who is unable to really feel. He has lost passion for life, but still feels sexually immensely excited, and ready to satisfy his carnal desires with any girl who indulges in 'no strings attached' sex.

For Services Rendered (1984 Special )

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Get ready for the wildest sexpionage caper ever! You can bet your Aston-Martin that crack secret agent James Bomb will sniff out many a "foreign affair" as payment-in-full FOR SERVICES RENDERED. It all starts when evilly delicious Nocturna Vigil and her hot hit girl Tasti Delite steal some sexually incriminating microfilm from the Soviet Embassy. Called to the London office, James must retrieve the microfilm in "Operation Thunderpussy".

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet (1969)

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For a soft-core porn movie, this film has quite a few funny moments, and works (kind of) as a parody of Shakespeare's play. A lot of the references are to late sixties pop culture and there are some genuinely erotic scenes.

When Night Is Falling (1995)

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An uptight and conservative woman, working on tenure as a literacy professor at a large urban university, finds herself strangely attracted to a free-spirited, liberal woman whom works at a local carnival which comes to town.

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