Friday, April 16, 2010

The Devil's Garden (1973)

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Pioneer pornographer Bob Chinn, best known for his John Holmes/"Johnny Wadd' X-rated superdick series, went to Jamaica to make this weird sex-horror opus. And I mean weird. The film starts with a girl escaping in a car from an unknown assailant and recounting her strange tale to the local police: her filmmaker husband had disappeared while scouting locations, and she had followed him to Jamaica as the guest of the rich and mysterious St Jermaine and his partner Chang (played by the longhaired oriental Chinn himself).

Sandra: The Making of a Woman (1970)

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How does an 18 year old girl become a 19 year old woman?
Sandra, a teenager who lives in the countryside, is brutally abused by her neurotic and alcoholic father. After his death, Sandra goes to San Francisco to experience the free love. Cheap sexploitation at it's finest.

Taboo II (1982 Special )

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Very entertaining!
The taboo of all taboo subject matters "incest" is covered quite nicely here, good acting, a very horny performance by the late Kevin James, and of course that all-time favorite Kay Parker make for one entertaining porno and a must see for Retro fans...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Katharina The Great Pt.2 (1983 Special)

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This was the follow up movie to the first one....

Katharina The Great Pt.1 (1983 Special)

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Reportedly the most expensive German Adult movie ever made. It Did very well for the makers,, That they made Part 2 and spent just as much on it as the first one..

Maid-Droid (2008)(Subs Eng)

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Mr. Ueno, retired, lives alone; he talks to Maria, a maid-droid his parents brought from their factory decades ago. Maria became Ueno's companion after his parents' deaths, and now her battery is run down; there are no replacement parts. Meanwhile, Inspector Akagi and her police squad are looking for a serial rapist that may not be human; however, if it's a robot, in harming people it would be disobeying Asimov's rules of robotics. Akagi's inquiry takes her to a droid factory run by Mr. X; he helps by explaining why host-droids, the male equivalent of a maid-droid, don't sell. What will Ueno and Akagi learn about love and the nature of men and women?

Cool It Carol! (1970)

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A naive couple leave their small town for success in London's adult entertainment culture.
Somewhat interesting cautionary tale(or tail if you prefer) about a young couple leaving the barrenness of their humdrum lives behind in a small English village and going to the big city - a really swinging London in the late 1960s. What they find is that work is hard to come by unless you are really willing to shed your inhibitions and your clothes.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teenage Bride (1970)

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Buxom nudist mistress Marie wants her lover to hire a private detective to tape the lover's wife with the lover's college dropout stepbrother. But while the men's secretaries seduce them, Marie seduces the stepbrother by herself. A fun movie with good sex

Topless (2008)(Subs Eng)

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The ever-lively and upbeat Natsuko tries to mend a broken heart by carrying on with a string of short-lived affairs after her break-up with Tomomi. But when Tomomi announces her plans to marry - a man - Natsuko becomes inconsolable. While all this is taking place, Natsuko's straight male roommate is grappling with his own feelings for her, and a young high school girl comes to Tokyo searching for the mother that long ago left her for a female lover. Each character - queer, straight, male, female, young, old, and in-between - struggles to make peace with him/herself as all their lives overlap. This story captures the power of young love, and the web of the city.

L'infermiera di notte (1979)(No Subs)

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Gloria Guida stars in this Italian sex-comedy in which she plays a private nurse who is involved in a family struggle for the estate of the ailing old man she cares for. Guida, Clemeti,and Senatore all strip off regularly (why would anyone watch this nonsense otherwise?). This film came late in Guida's 70's sex comedy career, and it's nice to see her play a somewhat more "adult" role--i.e. a nurse rather than a wayward schoolgirl, underage prostitute, or (ha, ha) innocent virgin.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fire In Her Bed (2009)

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In this re-imagining of Nick Philips 1972 FIRE IN HER BED a sheltered young woman moves to the city to attend University. There she becomes fascinated with a much more sophisticated and openly sensual woman. Overwhelmed by her feelings, she embarks upon an emotional and sexual journey that ultimately frees her from her past.

'Sweet Punkin' I Love You (1976 Special )

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C.J. Laing stars as Punkin', a luscious hillbilly porn starlet who loses her job early in this vivacious video. She's rescued from poverty by an elderly millionaire, but he has a heart attack and dies while in bed with her. Now it's C.J. who's got all the money, and she's determined to make the most of it. She turns the mansion into a bubbling cauldron of lust, inviting over some of her old porn pals to help liven up the joint. C.J. turns in the performance of her career, especially in the finale, when she shows off her throaty skills to massive studs John Holmes and Tony Perez. Punkin's sweet, but she's also sexually driven, a combo that makes this one of the hottest old-school sexvids around.

Saving Face (2004)

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A romantic comedy about right, wrong and everything in between. A Chinese-American lesbian and her traditionalist mother are reluctant to go public with secret loves that clash against cultural expectations. It's likely that this movie will have limited distribution, at least at the the beginning. Look for it. You will be glad you did.

Intimes lustgefluster (1980 Special)

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This is a really fine movie, I saw this in the 80s and liked it so much, I had to post it here.

Love Me, If You Can (2003)(Subs Eng)

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This is a hard movie to describe, if you like these types of movies, ones where its mostly conversation and characters struggling to express how they feel, then this could be for you. It is a very well made movie, with good acting and direction, and progresses well until maybe the last twenty minutes.

Monday, April 12, 2010

House of America (1997)

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Boyo lives with his brother Sid, his sister Gwenny and their elderly mother Marlene in an economically depressed area of South-West Wales. Their father has vanished when they were small children, apparently headed for America. The leather-jacketed, motorbike-riding Sid has grown up obsessed with American culture and dreams of joining his father in the States. When the brothers discover that an open-cast mine is opening nearby they join the scramble for jobs, but their mother is unaccountably against the idea.

Kärleksön (1977 Special )

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Katrin (Leena Hiltonen) - a young erotic and primitive teenager - spends her summertime at a little island in the Stockholm archipelago. She spends most of her time sitting up in a tree "peeping" at the islands inmates as they're having sex. Sometimes she climbs down her tree to participate in some of the really sleazy love acts.

Harry un ami qui vous veut du bien (2000)(Subs Eng)

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On a hot day in a highway gas station men's room, a man Michel doesn't recognize says they went to school together. He's Harry. He suggests they have a drink, so he and his girlfriend follow Michel and his family to their summer place. Michel is amazed when Harry quotes from memory a poem Michel wrote in school. Harry thinks Michel is a great writer, and he's distressed that Michel hasn't written in years. Harry stays awhile (since his father's death, he's a man of leisure) and sets out to eliminate distractions that might keep Michel from writing.

Three on a Match (1998)

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A lesbian couple’s incompatible views on parenthood leads to an surprising regretful triangle in this eccentric humerous entertainment drama. Claire (Janet Lark) as well as Beth (Erica Shaffer) have been lovers who have been vital together for roughly a year.

Heavy Load (1975 Special )

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The X that delivers ...and delivers ...and delivers!
Gus drives a truck but is more interested in having sex than making deliveries.

Emporte-moi (1999)(Subs Eng)

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Canadian/Swiss/French production that tells the tale of Hannah, a tomboyish 13 year-old hitting puberty in 1963. An unhappy and uncomfortable family life leads Hannah to seek escapism in the world of cinema. Specifically, she repeatedly watches and appears enthralled by Anna Karina, the character from Jean-Luc Godard's "Vivre sa vie" (1962) about a Parisian woman's descent into prostitution. Her confusion surrounding what is real leads to a crush on her female teacher and her actively pursuing what it's like to be a prostitute for an evening.

I Can't Think Straight (2008)

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The absolutely gorgeous Indian actress Lisa Ray (Vancouver critics named her Best Actress for Water) plays Tala, an upper class Jordanian of Palestinian origin, whose family lives in London, and who is about to get married.

She meets Leyla, played by Sheetal Sheth, the first Indian-American actress to appear in Maxim. She plays an Indian Muslim who also lives in London.

Clearly, the casting of the leads is meant to appeal to audiences that wouldn't normally watch a lesbian film, even one that is billed as a romantic comedy. They are both accomplished actresses, but they are also very attractive.

Not only do we get a film about becoming aware of one's sexual identity, but one about Arabs and Jews, Christians and Muslims, and, most importantly, family and acceptance.

Female Perversions (1997)

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This film is like no other: I find it indescribably brilliant and subtle. If you watch it many times over, as I have, you will discover infinite layers. (Even the props have hidden messages in them!) This film is so on-target about the complexities of being a woman in our time. I feel it should be required watching for 20 year old women entering the real world, followed by a discussion with women who have lived in it for a while. It seems like it might be a difficult film for a man to understand. Perhaps some of the responses here are from people who never should have picked up this movie in the first place, a case of bad labeling or description on the jacket.

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