Friday, April 23, 2010

Dogtooth (2009)(Subs Eng)

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If you are easily offended by bold unusual film-making especially in the areas of sex and violence do not see this film. That said I just saw this at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and thought it was a very interesting and very brave film. Well worth seeing if you can like strong, unusual films. Probably close to 30% of the audience walked out, but I was encouraged by the 70+% that remained, especially since most of the audience were 60+ Americans. The 20-somethings I talked to on the way out were very enthusiastic. The woman sitting next to me said "What did it mean? I don't understand" but to me there were enough deep meanings and points to ponder on a 30-minute drive home and I can't wait to tell friends about it. Everything from the dangers of creating a "perfect family" to "the mechanization of capitalism and upper middle class life" to metaphors for the dangers of repressive families and governments. At it's simplest, it proves that people, especially young ones, are in so many ways what their parents make them. This is not a film you will forget!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

School Girls In Blue Jeans (1978 Special )

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A very nice German made movie from the 70s ,,, Six of these School Girl movies were made, and were more hardcore then the German Schoolgirl Report movies. But are just as much fun...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Be Twenty (1978) Gloria Guida

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Lia and Tina are two beautiful girls who meet and realize that they have a lot in common. They are both young, beautiful and pissed off, so they decide to hitchhike their way to Rome to find Nazariota's commune, a place to stay for free and have all the sex they want... or so they think. Things don't go as they have planned though, and soon they become involved in prostitution, the police and an aggressive gang.

Young Lady Chatterley (1977)

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Cynthia inherits her aunt's large estate and moves in. She reads her aunt's diary and finds out (and graphically imagines) how she was taught in the ways of love by her gardener in 1901 at the age of 21. She decides to continue the fruitful relationship to the personnel and gets it on with the handsome young gardener herself.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sexchule Fur Liebestolle Tochter (1973 Special )

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It's a satguy Special... No IMDB yet..

Some naughty school girls,, do naughty things to their teachers. satguy does not like naughty school girls... They need to be spanked...

Dorotheas Rache (1974)(Subs Eng)

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Dorothea, a 16-year-old bourgeois girl from Hamburg, plays with her friends of both sexes, imitating the production of adult movies. In the end, pretending to make sex-scenes is not satisfying enough, and with a street professional, Dorothea is initiated in hard sex.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Exploits of a Young Don Juan (1987)(Subs Eng)

Exploits of a Young Don Juan (1987)(Subs Eng)
Softcore Movies don't come much better than this one.
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Sultrous Italian bombshell Serena Grandi is the main female attraction in this French-Italian sex comedy.

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Grazie... nonna (1975)(No Subs)

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Have you ever wanted to see a male teenager lose his virginity to his grandmother? Well, here's your chance. Of course, it should be said the "grandmother" in this film is a twenty-something Venezuelan hot tamale played by the famous French/Algerian hot tamale of 70's Italian exploitation film, Edwige Fenech. She marries the main character's elderly grandfather who, not surprisingly, dies on his wedding night, and after his death she comes to live with her new in-laws. Of course, she immediately arouses the lust of both her "grandsons", her "son", and even the local priest.

La seduzione (1973)(No Subs)

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After returning to Catania after a long period of time, Giuseppe reunites with his old lover, Caterina. Her 15 year-old daughter, Graziella begins to seduce her mother's lover and he soon breaks down and begins an affair with her. As time passes Caterina begins having sneaking suspicions about Giuseppe's & Graziella's relationship.

Rosemaries Schleckerland (1978 Special )

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When Felix Rammler's business trip is canceled he decides to spend his time visiting every whorehouse in Munich. Unfortunately for him his wife just happens to be visiting one that is run by her best friend Rosemarie.
If you're into this kind of thing however, this Schleckerland is just the place to visit.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Massage Parlor Wife (1975)

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We'll move our tails for you. Meet The Girls That Rub You The Right Way.

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