Saturday, May 15, 2010

Please Don't Eat My Mother (1973)

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A middle-aged man buys a plant with a sexy voice that develops a craving for insects, frogs, dogs, humans... And Pretty Young Ladies Make the Perfect Plant Food!
The monsterplant is ultracheaply made but funny in a braindrainin' sort of way. The end is pretty neat, though. Check out this Something Weird Video release at your own risk!

Babyface (1977 Special )

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This ranks as one skin flick that truly has it all : a complete storyline, fine production, a couple of decent acting perfs (Paul Thomas, Joey Silvera, Sandi Pinney as race car driver Tasha) and some of the hottest sex scenes ever assembled in a single movie. Standout scenes include gentle giant Roberts tender initiation of the eager Malone, their contrast in size providing an instant thrill all by itself, and the late great Kristine Heller (whose life story was turned into another adult film, THE AWAKENING, by one time paramour Paul Thomas) taking on pretty much all the guys present in what has to stand as the single greatest gang bang sequence ever committed to film or video.

Molly (1977 Special )

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Molly comes to the Riviera to visit friends who run a very social and liberal summer house with some interesting house guests. Molly is awakening sexually and very hot on the oldest son of the house, charming and horny Peter. A plot that ends up in some family confusion - Molly gets Peter's brother, who cannot get it on with her on the wedding night, and Peter takes over his place in the bed. Fine explicit and natural sex, no artificial climactic shots. Beautiful girls and handsome men. The only thing that is obvious is that Marie Forså (Molly) does not play in the one explicit sex scene she is supposed to have. Recommended for couples - it actually does have a plot...

A Menina do Lado (1987)(No Subs)

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Middle-aged married journalist goes to the beach resort of Búzios, in Brazil, to write a book. Gradually, he falls in love with his neighbor's daughter, a beautiful teenager much younger than he, ignoring the social implications.
She's fifteen. He's about thirty years older than her. And they are in love. She knows what she is doing. So does he.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Soldier (2008 Subs Eng)

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Lotte is a soldier recently back from war. She drinks, and her apartment is a mess. When her father comes to see her he offers her a job. He turns out to make his living by offering the services of African prostitutes to those who want to buy. Lotte starts driving his girlfriend and main attraction Lily around town for house calls. Lotte determines that Lily needs her help.

Monamour (2005)(Subs Eng)

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The plot, what there is of it, is unremarkable. A young woman has been married for only six months to her publisher husband and already she's bored with his love making, so she seeks stimulation elsewhere -- in literature, in fantasies, in memories, and finally in the person of Leon, a tattooed French guy who turns out to be rough but satisfying trade. Erotic movie beautiful body excellent hot scenes unforgeable hot sexy movie not any sp story but erotic scenes & beauty capture of body good closeup of anna jimskia body Tinto brass continue his specialist hope you all of like to watch this movie who interest in Erotic movies...

The Sex Life of the Belgians (1994 Subs Eng)

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This film starts as a rapid-fire series of childhood memories, narrated by the main char. These episodes all have a sexual flavour. My favourite is the beautiful aunt who never wears knickers and parades around in the nude in front of the young boy, who concentrates only on his painting. Overwhelmingly successful at indy film festivals around the world, its obscure and rather limited distribution seem to ad a certain cult value. You won't find the video tape at Blockbuster's, but it's out there...

MollyCam (2008)(Subs Eng)

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This movie is about a beautiful teenager called Molly (Lea Baastrup Rønne). She is recording her entire life to video tapes. Her boyfriend is sako (Olaf Højgaard). Molly reports to the police that she have been raped, and the boyfriend was apart of it. The writer wanted to create a realistic picture of how dangerous the life can be as teenager. that's why there is a site called mollycam, and she is in facebook and arto(largest site for youngest, chatting together) He really wanted the person who saw it to believe it was real. of cause to make it more realistic you will almost see everything though her camera. Her boyfriend, when she got abused etc. It feels like you are always beside her. He also wanted to show us, that teenagers is wearing less cloth to look more attractive. It can cause problems to the teenagers life in the future.

The Trouble with Romance (2007)

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A provocative, sexy and insightful exploration of relationships between men and women and why we all still yearn for love despite the trouble with romance. If you check your cynicism at the door, it makes some interesting points about love.

6 Years In Love (2008 Subs Eng)

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part one....
part two....

A hard-working editor at a publishing company, and her boyfriend Jae-young (Yoon Kye-sang), an equally diligent home shopping producer. Six years ago, they began to date. Two years ago, they started sleeping together. Now, they are next-door neighbors, but the wall separating their houses does not have any significant function. They virtually share their rooms — and bedrooms at night. They know each other inside and out so much so that they begin to feel a bit bored, and the magical sparks and excitement is already gone…Their relationships seem to have passed a stage where something special is at work. Now however a new lover appears. How will Do Jin choose between them?

Southern Comforts (1971)

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The early 70's saw a genre of film that involved rural America, country bumpkins, as it were. One of the best was Southern Comforts. These movies really exist as an excuse for the women to get naked, and get naked they do. There are 3 main girl characters who get stranded in the sticks when their car breaks down. See them skinny dip, see them rape the country bumpkin, see them strip in a barn and strut their stuff. One of the 3 women is Monica Gayle, and her fans will not be disappointed as she spends about 75% of the film nude..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Splendor (1999)

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An average, calm mid-20s girl named Veronica restarts her dead dating life all of the sudden, but with two guys: a sensitive failed writer named Abel and an airheaded drummer named Zed. At first she despairs. Then she finds a way to date both without their finding out. Then she tells both about it. Then Abel and Zed meet each other, and, after much initial conflict, they wind up living together and evolve into a very odd yet happy threesome.

If My Mother Only Knew (1985 Special )

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Mother has sex with her daughter's boyfriend, so daughter has sex with Daddy, to get back at her..
A roster of good performers and a typically "taboo" story line help make this mid-eighties movie work. Amber Lynn leads the way here, John Leslie is his usual irrepressible self and cute and sexy Ali Moore is also seen in one of her not-too-frequent appearances. The sex is good with good-looking people.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little Orphan Dusty (1978 Special )

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Dusty is a runaway teenage girl who gets attacked and gang-raped by a group of savage motorcyclists. She gets taken into the household of a sympathetic artist named Frankie whom she falls in love with, but has problems adjusting to his artistic and social lifestyle. Dusty and Frankie decide to get married, but the bikers haven't forgotten her and plan to crash the ceremony to commit more mayhem.

The Misfortunates (2009)(Subs Eng)

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Coming-of-age tale with debauchery, pathos, and humor.
A 13-year-old Gunther Strobbe grows up surrounded by alcohol, trash and his completely useless father and uncles. Slowly but surely, he's being prepared for the same hapless life. Can he defy his destiny?..

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bedside Dentist (1971)(No Subs)

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Thomas (Ole Soeltoft), a naive young dental student, faces a rather difficult challenge. His millionaire aunt, a bit of a sex nut, will give both him and his dental school millions if he can prove that he is sexually able and skillful.

French Sex Murders (1972 Eng Soundtrack )

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The plot involves the murder of a prostitute in a Paris brothel (run by early 60's sex symbol Anita Ekberg). It's blamed on a jealous client, but the lead detective ("Bogey")suspects otherwise. And when the murders continue after the suspect's ironic-if-he-were-actually-guilty demise, his suspicions are confirmed. The movie has all the standard giallo elements but it's directed without much flair. There's a lot of sex and female nudity.

Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (1973)(Eng Soundtrack)

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Jean Rollin directs this crime film with a touch of lesbians and sex. Two young girls hitchhiking through the country stop at a house, which they think is empty. Later that night, after some hot lesbian sex, they discover three people are also at the house and they turn out to be thieves missing some stolen jewelry and naturally they think the girls have stolen it. This isn't that bad of a film.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Private Vices, Public Pleasures (1976)

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English Soundtrack
This is a fascinating film which can be aligned for many reasons with Pasolini's Salo (they were both made almost in parallel). Both films are subversive historical studies of human sexuality and the treatment of the human body as a political object. Or more simply, the way bodies are always at the centre of the forces of power. The two films are very different - but not absolutely distinct. Both do concern the events at a distant place where sources of political and social power subvert the order of things. In Salo, however, it is an insatiable facistic power which reproduces itself through acts of abuse and murder.

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