Friday, June 4, 2010

Talk Dirty to Me 1 (1979)(Special)

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* Cris Cassidy * Aaron Stuart
* Jesie St. James * John Leslie
* Juliet Anderson * Richard Pacheco
* Sharon Kane * Carl Regal

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bog of Beasts (2006)(Subs Eng)

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A man falls in love with a teenage girl, who is exploited by her own grandfather, who sometimes takes her to a gas station to show her naked to whomever pays him some money.
The production values are fantastic. With stunningly gorgeous shots of the more tropical and rural parts of Brazil, the cinematography really works well. It's funny how they change it up from sleazy parties with lewd acts to beautiful backdrops with rivers and palm trees. The acting is pretty much perfect as well.

Cliente (2008)(Subs Eng)

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A married construction worker leads a double life as a male prostitute serving rich ladies.
Marco leads a double life. As Marco, he is a construction worker but rich ladies craving sexual excitation know him as Patrick. As Marco he is married to Fanny, an ambitious young woman who has opened her own hairdressing salon in partnership with her friend Rosalie. Marco/Patrick is not a male prostitute at heart: in fact he does the job in order to support his wife's business.

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