Friday, June 11, 2010

Contra Todos (2003)(Subs Eng)

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"Contra Todos" is a story about the lies, treachery and vengeance of a middle-class family living on the outskirts of São Paulo.
You can never have too much, too much sex, too many murders and too much cynicism in one film.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Savage Is Loose (1974)

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A husband, wife and their son are stranded on a remote island with no way off; as the son grows older, sexual tensions emerge.
Rather erotic esp for the times. I would buy the DVD if I could find it. I was young when I first saw the movie but I remember being slightly shocked by the content.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bewitching Attraction (2006)(Subs Eng)

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Starring Moon So-Ri in the female lead role of textiles professor Eun-suk in a rural town, and Ji Jin-hee as Park Seok-gyu, a comics illustrator turned lecturer, Bewitching Attraction relies heavily on the chemistry of its leading cast to carry through a convoluted plot. Eun-suk, a lady with a limp, is extremely promiscuous, having had sex with most of the men in her faculty, possessing with her much influence on the men with her sexuality. An environmental activist, she also harbours ambitions in branching into television, hence the early sex sequence with a TV show producer - nothing much really, just full of pumping action.

Score (1974)

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Liberated '70s couple seduce another couple into experimentation with bisexuality and group-sex.
"Score" is more or less a period piece now, filmed as it was in that post-sexual liberation/pre-AIDS window when it seemed that sexual, political and aesthetic freedom were essentially linked. The film is a manifesto for sexual liberation purely, brushing only briefly by sexuality's darker aspects (the somewhat creepy Mike, and a certain core hollowness in Elvira and Jack's marriage).

Mutande pazze (1992)(No Subs)

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Four ambitious women are ready to do anything to make a name in show business. The translation of the Italian title is "Mad Underpants".

Stripped Naked (2009)

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There is no special effects or over anticipated celebrities contaminating the movie. This makes it a rarity these days.
You get into the story right away and the plot goes on, combining some action and drama in a regular small town setting.
Drawbacks, the music... like a porno o something...
Worth watching,

Géminis (2005)(Subs Eng)

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This was the most disturbing movie I've seen in a long time. I started watching it just before going to bed, with no intention to actually stay up and finish it, but once it started, I simply couldn't stop watching. It completely captured my attention, which happens very very rarely as of late, so all my compliments to the director. This is one of those movies that most people will not appreciate because of it's subject, which is a social taboo. And it's understandable. However, if you are able to appreciate a good story with an upsetting content that is not meant to entertain you, and will probably shake you up, you should give it a chance.

Atomised (2006)(Subs Eng)

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Pt.. 2

In Berlin, the scientist Michael Djerzinski (Christian Ulmen) decides to return to Ireland to proceed his research about genetics that he left behind three years ago. Meanwhile, his racist, bigoted, sexually disturbed and addicted in masturbation half-brother Bruno Klement (Moritz Bleibtreu) has just divorced from his wife and is interned in a psychiatric clinic for therapy.

Holy Water (2009)

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The village of Kilcoulins Leap was once a thriving spa town, and was home to a famous Holy Well, but now offers little by way of employment for its people, and its decline seems inexorable. When local Postie, Podger Byrnes, comes up with a plan to hijack a consignment of Viagra, and sell it on the open market in Amsterdam, his friends are desperate enough to try it..

Showgirls (1995)

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A young drifter, named Nomi, arrives in Las Vegas to become a dancer and soon sets about clawing and pushing her way to become the top of the Vegas showgirls.

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