Thursday, July 29, 2010

Models (1999)(Subs Eng)

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Models is a realistic film. The genuine feeling of its characters is mesmerizing. It looks like an every day life film yet it never stops to make routine/cliché situations get a unique and mystical touch... like moments which stretch to become classic. It's scary to see our everyday life portrayed in there, the conflicts, the arguments, the power game, vanity, success, the hedonistic pursuit.

Post coitum (2004)(Subs Eng)

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There are five women and four men, who are very unsatisfied with life. They have casual sex which causes them to be more unhappy. All of the characters literally hook up and switch partners unknowingly. There's an aged hippie photographer (Franco Nero), the sweet virgin, a prostitute, an egotistical record producer and his humble wife, a married couple, a rock star and other assortment of Felliniesque characters.

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