Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grimm (2003)(Subs Eng)

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This is about a passionate loving couple, being brother and sister. It is definitely incestous and rivals of different kinds are killed. It's absurd, it's a little Bunuel sometimes and mostly funny. Probably this is supposed to be a modern Grimm tale, but including sex. There certainly are scenes here you will remember, but most of all you will remember the dark humour, which makes you laugh at totally wrong places.

House of the Sleeping Beauties (2006)(Subs Eng)

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Edmond, a man in his sixties whose wife has recently passed away, is told about a secret establishment where men can spend an entire night in bed alongside beautiful, sleeping young women, who stretch, roll over and dream, but never awaken. Bedazzled by their seductive yet innocent tenderness, but distressed about the reason for their deep sleep, he delves into the mystery of the house of sleeping beauties.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daisy Diamond (2007)(Subs Eng)

Watch Daisy Diamond at your own risk, This is a gritty no punches pulled movie.
It starts out with the making of a porn movie by the lead actress in which she is raped, things go down hill for her from there.. 

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There has been a lot of movies based on a girl who escapes home to become an actress and ends up in a desperate situation. Most of them are in a social mood of giving young girls and the families a lesson. However, this film is not something a young girl could watch. The sex scenes are exaggerated too much and the depression level of the film is too high. You can find almost everything in this 'drama' that you can find in a pornographic movie. And you can even learn new sexual terms.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Woman That Dreamed About a Man (2010)(Subs Eng)

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This movie is a great character study that brings you under the skin of the two protagonists. These are transposed through the visuals rather than the dialogue. While the pace may be slow for some viewers, the crescendo and the climax are perfectly dosed creating a sublimely atmospheric piece of art-house cinema. I strongly recommend this movie to all lovers of true cinema.

Les petites filles modèles (1971)(No Subs)

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Camille,Madeleine,Marguerite and Sophie...the four heroines of the countess of Segur in an erotic movie!One should remark that they are no longer girlies but babes.If you read the novel,you might find this overtly erotic adaptation entertaining. There were dark sides in the earnest countess's work which the script writers exploit here.

Philanthropy (2002)(Subs Eng)

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Part 1
Part 2

Ovidiu, a high-school teacher looking for an extra buck, finds an unexpected way to earn easy money. Philanthropy is a film about the fate of a professor who falls in love with a rather "sophisticated" lady, who just costs too much. But because love knows no limits, our professor is prepared to do anything in order to fulfill his yearning. And, as all know, the easiest way to conquer a shallow heart is by being a financially affluent person.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Under solen (1998)(Subs Eng)

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Olof lives alone on his family's farm after the death of his mother. Unable to read and write, he is dependent on his younger friend, Erik, who helps him in the afternoons. Once a sailor, Erik brags of having known hundreds of women. Out of the blue, Olof advertises in the local paper for a young lady housekeeper, and Ellen, a middle-class city woman, arrives to take over the house and, as the summer goes on, Olof's heart and Erik's desire as well.

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