Monday, January 17, 2011

Extramarital (1998) Traci Lords

Extramarital (1998) 
Traci Lords is very good in this

Watch.. Click link below Lords plays Elizabeth, who is a journalist for a stylish magazine who stumbles upon what she believes to be an interesting story. She wants the story to be well done, partly so she can impress her boss, Griff (Jeff Fahey). She is also having marital problems with her husband, Eric (Jack Kerrigan), and finds her jobs as an outlet for her frustration. As the movie's title implies, the story is about sex.

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Pervert (2005)

Pervert (2005)
Boobs, Boobs, and lots of them. Pervert 2005 is a very funny tongue in cheek kind of movie. It's top notch, you will enjoy it.

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The soundtrack is genius. The acting couldn't be more perfect to fit the bill.

The bizarreness factor has you wavering between - "What is this?!" - to - "This is brilliant and totally unselfconscious!"

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