Friday, July 27, 2012

La Cousine - Adolescenza (1995)

La Cousine - Adolescenza  (1995) ALL GROWN UP
La Cousine(marc dorcel)

Italian hardcore (XXX) production. in Italian, no English and directed by Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massessesi). A teenager (Frencesco Malcom) has just found out about sex when a beautiful aunt (Caterina Rinaldi) decides to turn him into a man; also starring Monica Orsini, Hakan Serbes and Valentino. Straight-forward, sexy and hardcore action is plentiful; also known as DIARIO SEXUAL DE UM ADOLESCENTE.
Katy Kash
Francesco Malcom
(as Nicolette Orsini)Monica Orsini
Hakan Serbes
(as Hakan Joel)Valentino
Set in a countryside chateau, a young man (Hakan Joel) catches his slutty cousin (Monica Orsini) fucking in the woods, and he developes a sexual obssession with her, and has some red hot and horny fantasties about her.
Directed by the much awarded Joe D'Amato in 1995, this film has the style and class expected of a Dorcel release, and still has plenty of first-class sex to getthe sap rising.
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