Saturday, July 28, 2012

Les Plaisirs solitaires aka Solitary Pleasures (1976)

Les Plaisirs solitaires aka Solitary Pleasures (1976)ulotte and La Servante Perverse
Alternate Titles
Blutjung und verführerisch West Germany, Amor
Erotic Pleasures USA, Caballero, 1 hr 29 mins.
Das Erste öffnen junger Lippen VMP
Femmes à Combler Alpha France, video reissue title
Lonely Pleasures
Solitary Pleasures
Tout pour le plaisir! Alpha France Blue One Collection (1:26:20) video re-issue title and DVD title, 1 hr 20 mins for DVD
Carole Gire as Christine Martin, plays Martine
Dolorès Manta Martine's friend, Charlotte
Maryline Guillaume as Marylin Gulle in the American release, plays Joëlle
Siegried Cellier uncredited in American release, plays Arlène
XNK0881 Joelle's lesbian friend

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