Friday, July 27, 2012

Marc Dorcel - Le Contrat des Anges 1

Marc Dorcel - Le Contrat des Anges 1
Fovéa , Kate More, Laure Sainclair, Bruno SX, Bianca , Vivienne , Anastasien , H.P.G. , Rodolphe Antrim, Giancarlo Bini, Philippe Dean, Jennifer Dior, Nataly Dune, Maeva Exel, Maude Kennedy, Eric Le Roy, Kevin Long, Alain Payet, Anne Sophia, Dino Toscani
Maltreated by CLAUDE, his husband, who mislead it without shame with his best friend, SOPHIE flees of the marital home. Broken down on the road, it is joined by a sumptuous limousine whose owner, marchioness FOSCARI, a young person and superb young woman, offers himself to lodge it. But the cynical philosophy of the young woman intrigues Sophie who guesses a mystery. In fact, the heart of the marchioness hiding place a heavy secrecy. During a walk with horse followed of tender frolicking saphic, it entrusts to Sophie whom her sister, who lives the close house, dedicates to him a sordid hatred. Not satisfies to bait itself to harm to him, it carries out a life of debauchery and delivers themselves, according to it, with feeling reluctant practical sexual.
Just unrar.

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