Friday, July 27, 2012

Marc Dorcel - Le Contrat des Anges 2

Marc Dorcel - Le Contrat des Anges 2CAST:
Fovéa , Laure Sainclair, Silvia Saint, Vivienne , Bianca , Rodolphe Antrim, Lisa Crawford, Aura de Palma, Philippe Dean, Nataly Dune, Bruno Lavud, Eric Le Roy, Kevin Long, Anne Sophia, Dino Toscani
Fleeing an abusive husband, SOPHIE found refuge at marchioness FOSCARI. There, it becomes acquainted with HALMEYDA, noble Argentinian with which it falls in love. But it is still married. At this point in time the marchioness proposes a strange market to him: they is given the responsability to eliminate the awkward husband, in exchange of what, Sophie will have in her turn, “to carry out” the sister of the marchioness which vautre in the most shameless lust and is baited to harm to him. In fact, one evening, Sophie, dissimulated in the shade, attends a true orgiaque ceremony, which mysterious masked young woman seemseems to orchestrate, where the sexual practices most perverse give each other free course. In the morning, the marchioness learns in Sophie that the “unpleasant husband” was right now dispatched AD patres. It is now in Sophie to fill her share of the contract.
Just unrar.

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