Friday, July 27, 2012

Mike Hunter - Erotic Club 13 (1975)

Mike Hunter - Erotic Club 13 (1975) aka "Indécences", "Club der Lust
Mike Hunter - Erotic Club 13 (1975)
Director: Jack Regis
Country: France
Language: German
**Quality: This is a rare movie from a VHS-Rip from an old videotape, so quality is not very good.**
Two young couples live together in a house, and face a miserable holiday, because they are broke. The girls then have the bright idea to turn their house into a sex club to host orgies for paying customers.
* Chantal Fourquet plays Janette
* Emmanuelle Parèze plays garage owner's wife, Nicole
* Jacqueline Doyen non-sex, the woman trying to use the phone booth at the café
* Lydia Carol plays Pussy (Carla)
* Martine Grimaud plays Marie
* Rataffia plays Ingrid, the bride
* Charlie Schreiner plays Robert
* Patrick Lyonnet plays Charlie
* Alain Plaumay aka Cyril Val plays Mark
* Jacques Insermini plays Etienne, the garage owner
* Paul Bisciglia (non sex) plays the groom
* Olivier Mathot (non sex) plays the rich industrialist, Carlos Spiegel
* François Ghersi plays Dick
* Frantz Nepel - may be the blond man who plays Helmut Mund
* Manu Pluton
Res: 720x480
Frame Rate: 25.00fps
Bitrate: 717kbps
Audio: 16000Hz 48 kb/s tot Joint Stereo
Duration: 1hr 10mins
Format: DivX
Size: 385MB
No Password --> Part 1 (~103 MB) --> Part 2 (~103 MB) --> Part 3 (~103 MB) --> Part 4 (~72 MB)
Total File Size: ~382 MB
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