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Une Fille de la campagne aka Sogni di una ragazza di campagna (1996)

Une Fille de la campagne aka Sogni di una ragazza di campagna (1996)
Sogni di una ragazza di campagna
Released: 1996
Director: Joe d'Amato
Notes: also stars Roxanne Hall
Alternate Titles
Dreams of a Country Girl
Une Fille de la campagne DVD available DVD Video Marc Dorcel
Sperma Spende DVD available Tabu Love, same film?
Troie di campagna DVD available Italy
Malone, Penelope , Tao , Yasmine , Tatiana , Silvio Evangelista,
Roxanne Hall, Hakan Joel, Francesco Malcolm, Laura Palmer, Stefania
It is with a legitimate impatience that the
young Aude waits her 20 years. This day, it will be able to finally
taste with the pleasures of the sex, pleasures of which, for the
moment, it does nothing but dream while masturbating, sharing its
phantasms with a young servant délurée. At this point in time his/her
mother engages three workmen queutards of which it gets busy illico to
explore the capacities in love and the sexual endurance. Strong
interested party by these vigorous standards and to still reinforce the
erotic attraction of her young body, Aude associates with the
complicity of her mother, the services of beautiful Giaconda whose
sexual envoutements double of a magic reality capacity. Which, among
these three men, will become his initiator?
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